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Blue Collar Bobbers team

“We are a UPS shop and, since we have brought on iGlobal, our international grew from 25% to 50% of our total business.”

Blue Collar Bobbers Logo“They have a brilliant concept that works! Don’t worry about the technical stuff. They simply promote customer confidence and awareness. Our international customers love what they see. They feel welcome!”

- Lance – Owner, Blue Collar Bobbers

eCommerce companies need technology and logic

to sell globally because eCommerce platforms are not built for cross border commerce.

Is your website equipped to handle a global audience?

Most eCommerce sites lack global capabilities

Web stores struggle to increase global sales due to the lack of features and development resources. More often than not, global consumers avoid buying from US websites when the experience is not localized, or because of the unknown costs or procedures when placing an order.
Increase Global Order Conversion, Increase Your Exports!
Take your website and global customer experience to the next level with iGlobal Stores

eCommerce platforms lack global capabilities & logiciGlobal takes these platforms to warp speed

  • Item Restrictions
    Item Restrictions
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  • Billable Weights
    Billable Weights
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  • Country Localization
    Country Localization
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  • Fraud Prevention
    Fraud Prevention
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  • Landed Cost
    Landed Cost
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  • UPS Services
    UPS Services
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  • Alerts & Messaging
    Alerts & Messaging
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A Seamless Experience

“After iGlobal Stores plugged into our website, it allowed us to offer a seamless experience for our international customers to purchase. One of the features we are currently using today is the ability to include the total landed cost in the order. This makes customs clearance easier and avoids the possibility of customers rejecting orders due to the the unknown total cost. It is a great thing for UPS to leverage iGlobal Stores software to help out their customers.”

Hector P - COO / Founder

UPS Account Manager for

“Adam Bayshore, our UPS International Account Manager, and myself met with Rustica Hardware and discussed their Canadian and global growth goals. The CFO at Rustica Hardware said, “we have orders coming in and we are taking phone calls and cancelling orders because of the hassle to quote the order and take payment” After introducing iGlobal Stores, Rustica Hardware was live with the iGlobal UPS Ready solution within 2 weeks. This has been an excellent fit for this account and I expect to have many others setup soon.”

UPS Account Executive - Provo, UT

“just call iGlobal”

“At first we thought, maybe we would do this ourselves, then after looking at the complication and effort involved, we decided we didn’t have time for this… let’s just call iGlobal Stores.”

Jody G - Director of Logistics & Exports

Why iGlobal Stores?

Increase Your Export Sales!

Barriers for Merchants: Selling internationally either don’t sell internationally, sell into limited countries or have to cancel orders due to risk.

With iGlobal: Merchants can reduce their risks to expand globally and keep their logistical relationship with UPS.

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