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For quick answers to your inquiries, please refer to the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section to the right or contact the store you purchased from.

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Each of the hundreds of merchants that iGlobal works with to enable their international business has various processing times. The length of time is dependent on:

  • Is the item in stock?
  • Is the order under review for fraud?

Tracking numbers are emailed right after the shipment is processed.

Upon approval, your refund is typically processed within these time frames:

  • PayPal - Within a few hours
  • Credit Card - 3 to 5 business days

Each merchant’s return policies are different. Please reach out to iGlobal through the contact form, email, or phone to be informed of that merchant’s policies. Merchant policies are typically shown to you during the checkout process.

iGlobal enables international eCommerce for hundreds of US based companies. Many of those companies have contracted with iGlobal to manage their fraud process. We ask for additional information to make sure that the order is not fraudulent and we are committed to still get you the order in the most efficient way possible. We apologize for the inconvenience. The fraud rules are put in place primarily to protect you as a consumer.